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Waste Management Policy

Sterling Harrington is actively committed to sustainable waste management across its operations. Primarily we aim to reduce the Company’s overall consumption and usage of raw materials. Aligned to this we encourage, and favour wherever possible, the re-use of materials in all areas of the business. In addition we promote the concept of recycling and the benefits of utilising recycled materials.

However when disposal is the only option, we will seek to dispose of materials in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner.

Sterling Harrington understands that the correct handling, storage and disposal of waste materials is vital to ensure compliance with environmental legislation and for pollution prevention. Sterling Harrington ensures it keeps abreast of changes in the legal framework to fully comply with the Duty of Care responsibilities. Sterling Harrington consults routinely with the regulator to ensure best practice is adopted and legal duties are fulfilled.

We encourage co-operation and co-ordination between our employees, subcontractors and clients toward the shared goal of reducing waste at its source, reusing and recycling waste wherever possible.

We will acknowledge, respond appropriately, and take into account of the views of the public and any other interested parties with respect to our operations. In addition, this policy statement will be communicated to all persons working for and on behalf of Sterling Harrington.