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Storm and Water Restoration

The elements of nature are amongst one of the most unpredictable. If a property has suffered from storm or water damage, there are a number of areas which may be affected and this can range from a leaking roof to problems within the properties electrical system and far beyond to the material structure of a property.

Storm and water damaged property repair can often be a costly exercise due to the need to replace structural elements such as a roof and solid partitions, and in these cases we often utilise the services of RICS qualified building surveyors in order for detailed reports and building appraisals to be undertaken prior to repair works being completed. We are also able to access historical weather data via weather applications and weather data sets, which we find is an invaluable tool to help insurers verify claims. For major or complex loss scenarios we are able to complete detailed repair specifications and itemised costings as well as pre-repair health and safety plans, and supporting CAD drawings.

Should you wish to appoint Sterling Harrington, we endeavour provide the highest quality workmanship and provide a prompt performance driven property repair service while also adhering to health and safety practices which protect our clients and the public.